Legacy Aspose MSOffice document converter

This document describes how to install the Aspose document converter add-on as a standalone executable. It is only suitable for small deployments with low throughput (e.g. less than 5 documents per minute). We recommend the Docker installation for larger deployments.

Document previews

A separate application is used to generate document previews of Office/OpenOffice documents. If the application is not installed, then these previews will not be available to user.

To install, download the application from the RSpace download site:

wget --user=<username> --password=<password> https://operations.researchspace.com/software/aspose/aspose-app-VERSION.zip

replacing VERSION with the current release version and using your download credentials in place of <username> and <password>. As of April 20

1. Unzip and follow the installation instructions in the file Usage.md. Here we assume you are putting the application in /etc/rspace/aspose.

2. Make sure the application has executable permissions:

chmod 755 /etc/rspace/aspose/aspose-app.jar

3. There are several deployment properties relating to document preview generation. These three are mandatory. Add these to /etc/rspace/deployment.properties

aspose.license Absolute file path to Aspose license E.g.


aspose.app Absolute file path to Aspose standalone document converter executable E.g.


aspose.logfile Absolute path to Aspose document converter's log file. E.g.


These two are optional:

aspose.logLevel The log level (default is INFO) e.g. aspose.logLevel=WARN

aspose.jvmArgs Optional jvm args to pass to application. E.g. aspose.jvmArgs=-Xmx1024m

4. Restart RSpace

5. Test by uploading an MSOffice or text file and try to view a preview.

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