Setting up integration

This section is for administrators - if you are looking for help on connecting to as an end-user of RSpace, please see Integration

Aim of this document

This section explains how, as an RSpace admin, you can set up RSpace to enable users to browse and import protocols into RSpace directly from

You don't need to do this if your RSpace web address has domain. RSpace is supplied with default clientId and clientSecret. This work is only necessary if you prefer to create your own ProtocolsIO RSpace app for your users.

This is a one-off step - it does not need to be done for every RSpace user!

  • An account on
  • Access to RSpace server in order to set in clientIds and secret you will acquire from
  • The RSpace server must allow 2-way HTTPS communication with
You might consider using a service email account for rather than a personal email account, so that other staff can maintain the App if you leave your organisation, or are away on leave, for example.

Setting up the app on

  1. Navigate to the developer page at You will see a page like this (we've masked over our actual secrets here):
  2. Note the client id and client secret.
  3. In the section 'redirect URls', enter the RSpace URL that will call back to. If your RSpace is at, then enter
    and press return to save the details. Reload the page to make sure that your URL was saved properly.

Steps in RSpace

  1. Connect to the RSpace server using ssh, or Putty, or your preferred client
  2. Open /etc/rspace/
    and add the following properties:<the client ID from>
    protocolsio.secret=<the client secret from>
  3. Save the file and restart RSpace

Testing the App

  1. Logon to RSpace web application as an RSpace user and open 'Apps' page
  2. Open tab and click 'Connect'
  3. You should be able to go through authentication flow with
  4. Now go to Workspace and click 'Create->from' which should open a view of your documents:

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