In version 1.51 we introduce integration with, a product that shares RSpace’s mission of saving scientists time and make research more reproducible. is an open access repository of science methods for discovery or sharing of protocols with other scientists. This integration aims to make research workflow as efficient as possible by enabling user to access contents of without leaving RSpace.

Enabling Integration

Information for administrators on how to enable for their RSpace instance is available at Setting up integration. is an open access repository for science methods. RSpace’s integration enables you to import protocols into RSpace that you can modify for your own experiments.

To enable integration, go to the Apps page and enable the integration if it is not already enabled. Then click ‘Connect’ which will initiate the authorisation process, whereby you grant RSpace permission to access your resources:

Having trouble with getting the app to work? Check out the apps troubleshooting section.

Creating a new RSpace document from

Once authorised, you can import protocols from the main ‘Create’ menu:

By default you see a listing of your own private protocols. You can search these or re-order them to help find your protocol:

You can also see all public protocols as well:

You can search for protocols too. If you want to search for something that has more than word, enclose it in double quotes, e.g. "Targeted in-situ genome wide" will search for an exact match. Without the quotes, every word is searched for individually.

Once you’ve chosen one or more protocols to import, click ‘Import’. RSpace will then retrieve the protocol and create a new document in RSpace containing the protocol steps, in the ‘Imports’ folder.

Here is an example of an imported protocol. It is now a regular RSpace document that can be edited or shared with your group.

You can also browse protocols from within the text editor by clicking on the toolbar button:

After choosing to importing a protocol, the same import process happens, but in addition, a link to the imported protocol is made in your notebook entry:

Some protocols may contain images. RSpace will try to import these images as well. These will be placed in a folder in the Image Gallery.

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