Manual Smoke tests

This document describes a series of tests to perform after a new RSpace installation (or after an RSpace update), to ensure that it has been configured correctly for minimal core functionality.

The following tasks should be performed with no errors to test the functionality of RSpace after an install or update:
  • Login / logout as multiple users
  • Create a new user
  • Disable a user and ensure they can no longer login
  • Create a group and add the user to the group
  • Create a document and enter a keyword in the body, then search for the keyword using the RSpace search – That document should show up
  • Import a RSpace document from Word
  • Import a RSpace DNA & Chemstry file and ensure they load and show correctly
  • Creating an RSpace form
  • Uploading external files into RSpace (like an image) and inserting it into a document
  • Sharing a document with another user
  • Sending a notification to another user via the messaging tab
  • Testing your integrations via the Apps page.
  • Exporting a document from RSpace
  • Testing that revision history is valid for an RSpace document
  • Sign and witness an RSpace document
  • Creating tags and linking Inventory items with an RSpace doc using LOMs
  • Creating a sample in RSINV
  • Creating a bench in RSINV
  • Creating a sub-sample in RSINV
  • Moving samples to benches in RSINV
  • Adding custom fields to samples in RSINV
  • Printing out QR codes linked to a sample in RSINV
  • Ensure in the System tab that license is valid
  • Ensure in the System tab that you can see log history
  • Ensure in the System tab that you can set a maintenance window
  • Test any external file stores from the System tab


Ensure that performance is inline with usual performance seen on RSpace servers. Pages should not take longer than 2 seconds to load on a new server with no previous data. On existing servers with data already present (like when updating RSpace), the load time should be the same or faster than your older RSpace version that you have upgraded from.

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