Sometimes you’ll find yourself wanting to re-use some content you have entered in a text field, such as a common paragraph or a set of images. Snippets are reusable fragments of content that can be stored in the Gallery and reused in future documents.

Saving a Snippet

When editing a text field you can select some of its content and click on the ‘Snip’ icon in the editor toolbar to create a snippet. This opens a dialog where you can name and preview the snippet. Selected content may contain HTML elements such as tables, images or text. After clicking ‘OK’, the snippet gets added to the Snippet Gallery.


Using a Snippet

Once in the Gallery, Snippets can be organised and manipulated as any other Gallery files. Click on a selected snippet to preview it.

To insert a snippet into a document click on ‘Insert > From Gallery’ in the text editor menu. When the Gallery dialog pops up, navigate to the Snippet Gallery (click the ‘scissors’ icon on the left side menu), select a snippet, and click ‘Insert’.

To aid in searching and sharing snippets, RSpace assigns each snippet a unique global ID with the format STXXXXX. Links to snippets using the global ID will open the Snippet in the Snippet Gallery.

Sharing snippets

Snippets can be shared with individuals or groups. The snippets folder in the Gallery now contains a SNIPPETS_shared folder.

This contains 3 subfolders for lab group shares, collaboration group shares and individual shares.

Shared snippets appear in a sharee's appropriate SNIPPETS_shared sub-folder.

Shared snippets can be seen in My RSpace -> Shared Documents tab and 'unshared' from there.

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