Enabling and Using the JoVe Integration


Please contact your system administrator if you would like the JoVE integration to be enabled. Instructions for sysadmins are at Introduction to configuring RSpace Apps.

After a sysadmin has made JoVE available, any user can enable the integration via the apps page, instructions for which can be found at Apps Introduction or in the video below.

Using the JoVE Integration

Video tutorial

Text tutorial

Once the integration is enabled a new button Import protocol videos from JoVE will appear in the toolbar of the Document Editor, and on the Insert menu, see below:

Insert from Jove Toolbar button selected
Insert from Jove Insert menu button selected

Click on the position within the document where you would like the video to appear. Then click Insert -> From JoVE.

This will bring up a search dialog connected to JoVE. From here you can enter a search query in the search bar, press enter or click the search button to search for content on JoVe.

When you find a video you wish to insert, either click the row in the table or the checkbox on the left. You can select more than one result if you wish. When you are happy with your selection click the Insert button in the bottom right. The selected videos will then be embedded into the document.

These videos can be played within the document and made full screen. The title in the embed links to the video/article on the JoVE website.

RSpace Community users can directly embed JoVE previews and open access videos without any JoVE login, while RSpace Enterprise users that are also JoVE subscribers can embed all videos available with their JoVE subscription. If you have any queries on JoVE subscription for your institution, you can reach out to library@jove.com.

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