Configuring a Research Organization Registry (ROR) ID


The Research Organization Registry (ROR) is a community-led registry of persistent identifiers (PIDs) for research organizations. ROR IDs facilitate identifying a specific institution through an unambiguous ID, and enables connecting research organizations with their researchers and research outputs.

RSpace supports RORs in the following way:

  • RSpace System Administrators can search and associate their institution's ROR ID with the RSpace server
  • When RSpace users publish IGSN sample metadata, the Creator Affiliation field will automatically be populated with the name and ROR ID of the institution.
  • Upcoming PID implementations in RSpace (eg. DOIs in the ELN) will also include the ROR ID as part of the core metadata


ROR settings can only be configured if the deployment property ror.enabled is set to true
  1. System Administrators will now see a new option in the System -> Configuration menu:
  1. Clicking on the ROR Registry option opens the ROR settings page.

  1. To link a ROR ID with the RSpace server, you first need to find a valid ROR ID for your institution, which you intend to set on your RSpace instance. ROR IDs for various institutions can be found by searching the ROR registry.
  2. Upon entering a valid ROR ID and clicking on search, the relevant details obtained from ROR will be displayed, to enable double-checking that you've selected the correct entry.
  3. You can then link this ROR ID to the RSpace instance.
  1. You may unlink a linked ROR ID at any time, or change to a different ROR value. Any metadata changes in the ROR registry pertaining to this ROR ID will be automatically pulled in.


When RSpace users publish IGSN sample metadata through DataCite, the Creator Affiliation field will be automatically populated with the following values taken from the ROR ID, and these values will be displayed on the IGSN landing page:

  • Creator Affiliation Name: Name of institution, eg. Research Space
  • Creator Affiliation Identifier: ROR ID of the institution, eg.
Sysadmin changes to the ROR ID (adding, removing, changing) will not automatically update already published samples. You will need to re-publish them to reflect the changes.

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