Resetting a user's password (for System Admins)

The following information is only applicable to a Team or Enterprise instance of RSpace.

Please follow the steps outlined below to reset a user's password as a system administrator:

  1. Go to the System page
  1. Click on Operate As
  1. A popup panel will appear. Fill in the name of the user you wish to impersonate, and select them from the dropdown options that appear.
  1. You can choose whether the user will receive an email informing them that you are impersonating them – the default is that the system will do so, to give the user a polite notification. If you wish to operate without the user knowing, check the checkbox for Operate incognito.
  2. Fill in your own sysadmin password, then click on Submit.
If your server is using an institutional SSO authentication system, then you will need to use NOT your login password but instead, your system admin verification password.
  1. The page will redirect to the user’s home page and you will see a grey notice at the top reminding you that you’re using someone else’s account.
  1. Go to My RSpace page
  1. Go to My Profile
  1. Click on Change Password
  1. Enter your own sysadmin password in place of the user's old password
  1. Fill in what you want the user's new password to be
  2. Click on Save.
  1. Click Release in the top bar to stop operating as that user
  1. Send the new password to the user in a secure manner.

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