Support Panel

Clicking on the question mark button on the bottom-right of your screen will open the support panel, which provides easy access to RSpace documentation and, if needed, to your support team.

You can use the support panel to:

  • browse help documentation articles and videos (the same content as
  • search for specific articles using the search bar at the bottom of the panel
  • start a live chat with us or send us an email via the “Chat with us” option.
If the live chat (Intercom) is not showing and your email client is opened instead, this is either because your System Administrator has disabled Intercom (see below), or could be due to your browser's adblockers/privacy plugins blocking Intercom. You'll need to whitelist Intercom and Segment using the following domains in your adblocker to access Intercom: *,,,

Enabling/disabling Intercom

This section is relevant to System Administrators only.

analytics.enabled deployment property controls Intercom & Segment. Google Analytics is no longer used (removed in RSpace 1.86).

The "Chat with us" option in the support panel will open the Intercom live chat if analytics.enabled is true, and the user's email client with as the contact email if analytics.enabled is false. The support panel with documentation access is always available, independent of this property. Also, see the note above on adblockers affecting Intercom.

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