Inventory API Introduction 🧪

Inventory is available to all existing and new Team and Enterprise customers at no extra cost, learn more at the RSpace Inventory Hub.

Inventory has been developed with an API-first approach. As a result, all of the actions that can be performed through the user interface can also be performed through the API.

Any suggestions or contributions to the API are always welcome via pull requests; you can also email us to request specific API use cases to be documented.

API Key Authentication and Swagger Documentation

The steps for obtaining your API key, authenticating, and accessing the documentation follow a similar process as for the ELN, as described in RSpace API Introduction.

To switch between RSpace ELN and Inventory APIs on Swagger, use the "Select a definition" dropdown:

If you are wanting to test the API, you will have to generate an API key on the Inventory-enabled RSpace test instance at, with Swagger documentation is available at

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