Saving Options

RSpace documents autosave as you work, saving the work in the current editing session while allowing you to abandon the current session’s changes with the ‘Cancel’ button. Autosaves are not explicit actions in the revision history, which are only created when the user actively uses one of the options in the Save menu. There are several different ways to save a document from a Save menu. Each option is described below:

  • Save will save the document and make a new revision in the revision history, but keep you in edit mode.
  • Save and Close works like Save, but instead closes the document and returns you to the Workspace view of your documents and folders.
  • Save and Clone will save the current document, make make an identical copy of it, and open the copy for editing. (This is convenient when creating many documents with similar content.)
  • Save and New will save the current document, and open a new empty document of the same type for editing. (This is convenient when creating many documents derived from the same form.)

These saving options are available in the top toolbar menu of documents and notebooks, but also under the File menu of the Text Editor and in the non-text fields of structured documents when the field has been opened to edit.

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