Importing Updated Documents from Word

With the Import and Export functions in RSpace it is possible to work on documents offline. The edited document can then be updated on RSpace using the “save into selected document” option.

Updating Existing Documents in the Workspace

In order to update existing documents from the Workspace:

  1. Go to the Workspace tab
  2. Select the Basic Document you wish to import the updated content to (only Basic Document types support this at present)
  3. Click “Create” -> “From MSWord”
  4. In the dialogue box select the single updated Word file you wish to import (updating Word files must be done one at a time)
  5. Change the “After importing:” option to “save into selected document”
  6. Click “Import”
  7. The edited document from your device will now replace the Document selected in RSpace
Replace Existing Word

Updating Existing Entries in a Notebook

In order to update an existing entry in a Notebook:

  1. From the Workspace, open the Notebook containing the entry you wish to update
  2. Select the entry to update
  3. Click “Create” -> “From MSWord”
  4. In the dialogue box select the single Word file containing the updated entry you wish to import
  5. Change the “After Importing:” option to “save into the current entry”
  6. Click “Import”
  7. The selected entry will now be updated

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