LDAP Integration (for System Admins)

The following information is only applicable to an Enterprise instance of RSpace.

Technical summary

LDAP is a protocol for retrieving information about objects. In the context of RSpace Enterprise, LDAP is an external service that can be queried to get information about users and groups defined by a given institution or lab. RSpace can also use LDAP authentication mechanism to provide single sign-on experience. To connect to LDAP outside RSpace you need an external client or LDAP browser.

Non-technical summary

Although the needs of individual institutions and labs vary, the following example illustrates a common use case for LDAP integration with RSpace Enterprise. Institution ABC Inc. already manages their users through Active Directory. Every individual at ABC Inc. has Active Directory credentials with which they can log in to their computer, network, shared drives, etc. Because Active Directory can be queried through LDAP, once ABC Inc. adopts RSpace Enterprise, it is possible to retrieve the user details for the new RSpace users from ABC Inc. and create/update their account details automatically on their first login attempt. Users created this way are subsequently authenticated by their Active Directory credentials, which means they don't need to remember additional password just for RSpace.

Required RSpace configuration

To get your lab set up with LDAP integration for RSpace Enterprise, contact us at support@researchspace.com, or chat with us directly from within RSpace via Intercom.

See also Setting up LDAP.

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