Supported File Types

RSpace can ingest any file or digital objects in any format from any source. If you can put it on your computer's hard drive, you can add it to RSpace. Files can appear in RSpace Documents in the Workspace and / or are stored in the Gallery. Although RSpace can store any file safely and securely, some file types can be used with additional functions in RSpace.

File viewing

Here is a list of file extensions for which RSpace can display the file content. This may not necessarily be a full and complete list, since some of the software libraries in RSpace may include undocumented features. These are file types that have been tested and are KNOWN to be viewable inside RSpace. Files that can't be viewed in RSpace will appear as an icon only. You can view unsupported file types by selecting the icon and clicking “download”, then viewing the file with an appropriate application outside of RSpace.


.jpg / .jpeg




Documents (requires free Aspose add-on to be activated)














Chemistry (requires free Chemaxon add-on to be activated)





.rxn, .csrxn


.smiles, .smi





.syb, .sybyl




.cdx .cdxml

Genetics (requires free snapgene add-on to be activated)







Direct conversion to RSpace Documents

The following file types can be converted directly into RSpace Documents using the Create dropdown menu:

From Word






 From evernote


 From documents

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