Roles and Permissions

The permissions system can configure access to documents based on several constraints:

  • Ownership of a document
  • Share permissions set by the document owner
  • Group membership and group role
  • The template type of a document, and permissions set upon it
  • Properties of a document such as its name, id, creation date, etc
  • A date range

You can acquire permissions by

  • Acquiring a global role
  • Joining a group
  • Specific permissions being granted by a document owner, a Lab Admin or PI.

Essentially, a document owner has read and edit permission on their own documents (until they are closed to future editing by Signing). The PI of any group they are a member of has view permission on their documents. Anyone they share the document with (individuals or groups) can be given read or write permission on that document, and this permission can be changed or revoked at any time by the owner. Roles and permissions of group members can be viewed in the group listing.

RSpace includes hierachic, delegated administration, that allow for distributed oversight of data and groups. The key Roles are:

System Admin

Community Admin

Principal Investigator (PI)

Lab Admin


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