Dryad Integration

The Dryad Digital Repository is a curated resource that makes research data discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. Dryad provides a general-purpose home for a wide diversity of data types. RSpace integrates with Dryad by allowing you to export data in RSpace into a Dryad dataset, just like with Dataverse and Zenodo.

You must have a Dryad account and an ORCID iD in order to use the Dryad Integration

Before starting

  1. Ensure that your RSpace server has Dryad enabled and configured. If it is not then on the Apps page Dryad will be marked as "Unavailable" and a system administrator will need to follow the steps described in: Introduction to configuring RSpace Apps
  2. Enable and connect the Dryad integration in the Apps page, just as you would for any other third-party integration. See Apps Introduction. You'll need to login with your ORCID iD. If you don't have a Dryad account, you can create one at datadryad.org.

Exporting to Dryad

  1. In the RSpace workspace, select a document and choose export.
Partial screenshot of RSpace workspace. A notebook "Full Notebook" is selected and the context button "Export" is highlighted.
  1. On the first panel, along with selecting an export format, choose "Export to a repository"
Screenshot of the first panel of the export dialog. The switch labelled "Export to a repository" is enabled and highlighted.
  1. On the third panel, ensure that "Dryad" is selected, and give your export a name and complete the other fields.
Screenshot of the third panel of the export dialog showing Dryad radio button selected and various fields.
  1. Then hit export. There will be a green alert at the bottom of the screen once the process has begun and you will receive a notification in RSpace when the process is complete.
Partial screenshot of the RSpace Notifications dialog showing the following message: "Your deposit to repository Dryad is complete. Here is the message from the repository: Export uploaded to dryad successfully. https://dryad-stg.cdlib.org/stash/edit/doi%3A10.7959%2Fdryad.dbrv15dwz/cxN8PKZVB-kFtQ"
  1. Clicking the link to Dryad, will open the new Dryad upload with your document attached. From here, the remaining required metadata can be added and the deposit published.

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