API Configuration and Setup

RSpace can be accessed through an API to create content, share it, search for it and export it. You can also create and edit forms.

API Access

To get set up to make an API call, a few conditions must be met:

  1. Your sysadmin has set the api.available setting to true – this is the default value, so the API should be available unless your sysadmin has turned it off.
  2. You have set up an API key in your RSpace profile page. Your API key is confidential and should not be disclosed publicly, as it gives limited access to your account. You can revoke or regenerate your key at any time. All API requests require setting an HTTP header 'apiKey’.

API usage limits

The rate of API calls you can make is currently limited, while we evaluate the performance impact of the API. The default rates are as follows:

Default Limits per user
  • Maximum 15 requests per 15 seconds.
  • Maximum 1000 requests per hour.
  • Maximum 5000 requests per day.

Please allow at least 100ms between requests.

Default Global limits
  • Maximum 75 requests per 15 seconds.
  • Minimum interval of 25ms between requests

There is no default global limit on number of requests per day or per hour.

Setting custom usage limits:

You can set custom usage limits for your RSpace installation using the following deployment properties. Any properties not set will remain as defaults.

  • api.user.limit.day Maximum requests per user per day
  • api.user.limit.hour Maximum requests per user per hour
  • api.user.limit.15s Maximum requests per user per 15s
  • api.user.minInterval Minimum interval between requests
  • api.global.limit.day Maximum total requests per day
  • api.global.limit.hour Maximum total requests per hour
  • api.global.limit.15s Maximum total requests per 15s
  • api.global.minInterval Minimum interval between requests

If these limits are exceeded, you will receive a 429 TOO_MANY_REQUESTS error response.

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