System Wide Search (for System Admins)

The following information is only applicable to a Team or Enterprise instance of RSpace.

As of version 1.37, RSpace Team and RSpace Enterprise allow the SysAdmin to search through ALL documents within the system, rather than just the documents owned or specifically shared with sysadmin as previously.

This allows for the rapid retrieval of data or documents from any user in any RSpace lab group. By default the sysadmin will have read-only access to search results, unless the original creator has granted them additional permissions.

In order to conduct a system wide search the sysadmin simply types in the term they wish to search for, and selects ‘All’ from the drop down menu as shown below.

Due to the potentially vast number of results that may be generated, search terms must fulfill the following criteria:

  • No wildcards (? or *) allowed in search term
  • Search term must be >= 5 characters

Sysadmin searches may also use filters just like searches by individuals.

For tips on searches within RSpace, check out our advanced searching documentation here.

System Wide Search

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