How RSpace Can Help Prevent Falsification

One of the many advantages of using RSpace is that it makes it much easier to identify and investigate data that may have been falsified.  This is true for a variety of reasons. To begin with, only people in your Labgroup can enter and see your group’s data, making it impossible for unauthorised parties to tamper with the lab’s data.  It would of course be possible for someone in the lab to enter false or falsified data into RSpace If this were to happen, because of RSpace’s audit trail, a record would be automatically be kept of the person making the entry and the time it had been made.  It would also be possible for someone in the lab to falsely revise an existing data entry if they had edit permission on the relevant record. Again, the audit trail would keep a record of who made the revision, when it was made and the changes that had been made.  Through the audit trail and using the search function it would be straightforward to investigate suspected cases of falsification and if one had occurred to identify who was involved.

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