File Store Integration (for Enterprise)

The following information is only applicable to users on an Enterprise instance of RSpace.

RSpace can be configured to work with various institutional File Systems. If your Lab uses some kind of a shared drive or dedicated server for storing the files, then there is a good chance that you’ll be able to access and link these files from RSpace documents.

In RSpace we distinguish between:

  • File System – which is a representation of remote file server or shared drive. Connection between RSpace and various File Systems is configured globally by System Administrator (documentation available at Configuring Institutional File Systems); it is possible to connect through SFTP or Samba (SMB protocol: SMBv1 or SMBv2).
  • Filestore – which is a saved location on a File System, like a bookmark or a shortcut. Filestores are set up individually by users, that’s because each user have usually a different set of locations they want to access

As an RSpace user you can create a link to one or more Filestore(s), then be able to browse files and insert links from these stores into RSpace documents.

If your RSpace is configured to work using institutional Filestores you’ll see additional button in RSpace Gallery. Clicking on the button will open Filestores page, where you can manage and browse your Filestores.

filestore gallery

Finding Filestores page in the Gallery

Setting up a new Filestore

To use institutional File Systems in RSpace you need to create a Filestore first. To create a new Filestore:

  1. Navigate to Filestores Gallery and click on ‘Add’ button
    filestore adding step 1
  2. (only if multiple File Systems are configured) select a File System for your new Filestore
    filestore adding step 2
  3. (only if not logged in yet) provide your credentials for a given File System
    filestore login dialog
    Login dialog (if not yet logged in)
  4. Browse the file tree and find a folder that should be a starting point for your Filestore, then select its checkbox
  5. Name your new Filestore
    filestore login

After that your Filestore is added in ‘My Filestores’ section:

filestore added

Browsing a Filestore

When on a Filestore Gallery page just click on the name of your saved Filestore.

To insert a link into a document:

  1. When editing a document use ‘Insert from Gallery’ button

‘Insert from Gallery’

  1. Navigate to ‘Filestores’ Gallery and select a Filestore from ‘My Filestores’ list (you can also add a Filestore at this stage, as described in ‘Setting up a new Filestore’ section)
    filestore insert step 2
    Selecting a Filestore
  2. (ony if not logged in yet) provide your credentials for a given File System
    filestore login dialog
    Login dialog (if not yet logged in)
  3. browse the file tree to find a file you want to insert, select its checkbox, click on ‘Insert’ button

The Filestore link will be added to the document:

Filestore link inserted into document

Downloading file from a Filestore

When you are viewing a document and you click on a Filestore link, the file will be streamed to your browser so you can save it on your local drive. The file can be also downloaded by clicking on a file name when browsing the Filestore in the Gallery.

Clicking on Filestore link downloads the file

Move/Copy file to a Filestore

This functionality is currently only supported for iRODS filestores

When selecting one or more files in the Gallery you will have the option to move the selected file(s) to the iRODS filestore by clicking on the "Move to iRODS" button on the top right of the Gallery.

This will present a popup where the user needs to:

  • select a "Destination in iRODS" created previously
  • choose if he wants to "Retain a copy of the file in RSpace" after it has been moved to iRODS
  • specify the "iRODS login" credentials

Ultimately when clicking on the "MOVE" button of the popup, the operation is finally performed by the system and a final confirmation message will be presented to the user.

Deleting a Filestore

After selecting a Filestore click on “Delete” button. That will remove the Filestore from Gallery view, but the links in documents created with this Filestore will still work.

filestore delete button

Delete Filestore button is active after selecting the Filestore

In RSpace version 1.83 and higher, it is also possible to link to files stored in the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS), an open source middleware and data storage solution that provides better control and reliabilty for long-term organizational file storage.

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