Use Default Sample Templates 🧪

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Each RSpace deployment has a number of default templates, which are visible to everyone. Anyone can use these templates either directly, or by copying them and adjusting the copy to their needs. A copy taken from a default template follows standard permission rules, i.e. is only visible to owner and members of their group.

Screenshot of just the sidebar and left panel. The search results are a listing of the default templates. The info popup card displays some of the details of the Bacteria template is open.

Manage default Sample Templates

To change default sample templates you need to log in to RSpace as an owner of default templates, that's usually System Admin (sysadmin1) user. If it's not sysadmin1, check the owner field in the details panel of one of default templates.

Any template owned by default template owner is treated as a default template, i.e. is visible by every RSpace user. After logging in as an owner of default templates you'll be able to edit the templates the usual way. Any new template you create will be visible to every RSpace user, and any template that you delete will stop being displayed in standard template listings.

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