RSpace Community, Team and Enterprise Editions


RSpace is available in three editions: Community, Team, and Enterprise. The following comparison table provides a high-level overview of the feature differences; the next sections go into more depth on the benefits of each edition. We indicate in the documentation if a feature is only available in a specific edition of RSpace, so don't worry about remembering!

Information on subscription costs is available on our pricing page, and details on integration availability are at Integrations List & Availability.




✔ Fully-featured ELN

✔ Shared cloud instance

✔ Access to a large number of integrations

✔ Limited data and audit trail retention period for inactive users

✔ Fully-featured ELN

✔ Private AWS instance in the supported regional data center closest to you

✔ RSpace Inventory

✔ Access to even more integrations

✔ Basic training

✔ System administrator role and features

✔ Hierarchical tiered admin

✔ Unlimited data and audit trail retention period

Minimum deployment allows for up to 15 users.

Some enterprise features such as SSO authentication and connection to on-premise file stores may be available for an additional fee.

✔ Fully-featured ELN

✔ Your choice between an on-premises deployment, or a private AWS instance in a location of your choice

✔ RSpace Inventory

✔ Access to all integrations

✔ Connection to on premise SMB, SFTP and iRODs file stores

✔ Comprehensive training

✔ Unlimited classroom licenses on separate server at no extra cost

✔ SSO support through SAML2 (Shibboleth) and LDAP (Active Directory)

✔ System administrator role and features

✔ Hierarchical tiered admin

✔ Unlimited data and audit trail retention period

✔ Co-branding

✔ HIPAA compliance (additional charge)

✔ Import service from other legacy ELNs may be available (additional charge)

Minimum deployment allows for up 100 users.

RSpace Community

RSpace Community is free to use and is open to any type of user. Anyone can sign up for RSpace Community, and create groups with users in their lab, with other labs in their institution, and with labs in other institutions. It’s completely free for both individuals and groups, and data storage is also free. Because of GDPR regulations, data in active accounts cannot be retained indefinitely, so Community edition may not be suitable for groups who need long-term data management. If you ultimately purchase or gain access to a Team or Enterprise server, you can migrate your data to that new server and request that your old account on Community be deleted.

RSpace Community Edition is not to be confused with the concept of a "Community" within a given RSpace server. A Community is a collection of LabGroups that represent some logical division of your organization and is used in larger deployments to facillitate delegated, hierarchic administration.

RSpace Team

RSpace Team is for academic and commercial customers that want administrative control over their RSpace instance and access to RSpace Inventory, but do not require all the features of Enterprise such as SSO or an on-premises deployment.

RSpace Enterprise

RSpace Enterprise is designed for use at research institutions: universities, public research institutes and private companies. In addition to the core functionality present in RSpace Community, RSpace Enterprise provides additional institutional support:

  • Sysadmin control & multi-tiered admin
  • Ability to create and administer Communities, which are groups of LabGroups, e.g. you could have a Community for the Department of Chemistry, another one for the Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior etc., and each of these units would have a Community admin capability.
  • Single Sign-On integration
  • Links to institutional and lab-based file stores
  • Integration with institutional repositories and archives and other infrastructure
  • Installed on a private server of your own that can be on-premises or hosted by us
  • Option to have us manage server for you or restrict all access to only your own staff
  • Access to RSpace Inventory at no additional cost
  • Option to set up an education server that teachers and students can use without limits, at no extra cost

Deployment details

For more information about on-site installs and the technical requirements of RSpace Enterprise, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you! You can also browse technical details here and see our system requirements here.

Migrating to another edition

If you want to try RSpace on the free Community edition and later migrate to your own Team/Enterprise edition server, then each user can export and seamlessly import all their data from one server to another.

If you are familiar with RSpace from the Community edition, you should have no trouble using RSpace Team or Enterprise; the way they work is very similar, with a few key areas that have notable differences, such as access to RSpace Inventory and its integration with the ELN, sharing and collaboration mechanisms, and the way that LabGroups are created, modified and managed. We indicate in the documentation if a feature differs in how it works across editions or if it's only available in a specific version.

It is not possible to migrate digital signatures or full audit history from one server to another. Although many small academic labs and some small commercial organizations use RSpace Commumity edition as long-term, no-cost solution, the limitations of signature / audit migration, the necessary limits on data retention for inactive users, and the lack of your own "sysadmin" account mean that if stringent intellectual property protection and regulatory oversight is important to your organization, you should use the Community edition ONLY as a way to try the product. For stringent or regulated commercial organizations, we always recommend starting with Team/Enterprise server right away so that all production data is kept in a single, fully compliant and centrally managed environment.

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