Captions in RSpace are used to help search for files/folders. Only the document creator is able to edit the caption field. They may write anything they like, though the primary purpose of captions are to aid in locating files at a later date.

For example, say you had multiple series of experiments and wanted to quickly search for a particular one; you could save a caption of “Enzyme Assay Series1 Exp1”. Then a search for “series1” would return that file (and any other files in series1 you had captioned).

Captions are edited from the information window present for each file. To open the information window click on the blue ‘File Info Button’ next to the file name. Then click on the “captions” field and write the desired captions into the text box.

Captions may only be edited by the owner of the document.

File Info Button(1)

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