Record Information (info) Panel

You can quickly access metadata about ELN items such as files, folders, documents, etc. via the information icon:

Clicking on the icon opens an Information popup (Workspace) or Information side panel (Gallery) that contains a range of useful information:

  • Name
  • The Unique RSpace Id of the file/folder
  • Type (Structured Document, Folder, Notebook, Image, Snippet, Video, Audio)
  • Owner
  • Creation Date (MM/DD/YY hh:mm AM/PM)
  • Modification Date (MM/DD/YY hh:mm AM/PM)
  • Signature Status (unsigned; signed (for signed / locked documents); signed, awaiting witness (at least one witness pending, no one witnessed); signed and witnessed (at least one witness witnessed); signed, all witnesses declined (no witnesses pending, everyone declined), see Signing and Witnessing
  • Tags associated with the file/folder
  • Captions associated with the file/folder (displayed for the creator only)
  • "Show linked documents" A summary list of links to other RSpace documents that have linked to the current document or file. Use this to find related, follow up, or precurser work. Click any of the links to go directly to that item
  • Who the file/folder is shared with, whether they are a group or an individual, and their access (read/write), see Sharing Content

The exact list of categories may vary depending on the type of item you are examining. Some information like the Caption and Tags may be edited directly from this panel by owners of the object.

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