Folders can be used to organise your documents in the Workspace or the files in the Gallery. While they work similarly to folders on your local machine, we'd like to point out a few specifics around Sharing Folders.

Organising your Workspace with Folders

How you organise your Workspace is up to you – nobody else can alter this. Each user has their own folder tree and can organise documents in their own way, except for the Shared folder (see below), which is not editable. Unless you enable Open Lab Autosharing, only the PIs of your LabGroups can see any files in your home folder.

The Home folder

The Home folder is the root directory and your starting point in the RSpace Workspace. To organise your Workspace you can create Folders from the Create button. New Folders are be placed in the Home folder or the Folder you're currently in. You can organise Documents into folders and move folders inside folders, using the Move button.

Note, while the individual documents located within Folders can be shared with your peers, Folders themselves cannot. For related Documents or sequential pieces of work, you may consider using Notebooks, which make Document browsing easier and can be shared in their entirety.

Shared Folder

All users have a Shared folder, which contains all shared content. Content needs to be explicitly shared to appear in the Shared folder; the Move action does not move Documents into the Shared folder. Read more at Sharing Content.

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Files such as images or PDFs, which you can add to your documents, are stored in a separate section of RSpace called the Gallery. This enables a clear separation between Documents, which are kept in the Workspace, and supporting materials, which can be added to Documents, but are stored and organised independently in the Gallery. Creating Folders in the Gallery can help you organise these objects.

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